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Yummy! New KFC Potato chips...

Monday, 02 March 2015


ポテトチップス骨なしケンタッキーパリパリ旨塩味 (Image credit: Calbee Japan / KFC)


We naturally think of Kentucky Fried Chicken when someone mentions crispy fried chicken. Likewise, potato chips to Calbee. In Japan, Calbee is collaborating with KFC for the 3rd time to launch a new product ‘Boneless Kentucky Crispy Salt-flavored potato chip’ from today.



Question: What do these chips taste like?

Answer: Potato chips + KFC’s chicken-flavored recipes + Salt + Pepper.


Image credit: Calbee Japan / KFC 


The chips which come in 2 packaging sizes, 83 gram and 58 gram, and are made available from 2 March and 16 March island-wide at participating convenience stores. However, this is only for a limited period. If you are travelling to Japan, take the opportunity to get this limited edition chips!





Source: Calbee Japan


Photos: Calbee Japan / KFCPosted by Admin in Around Asia on 02 Mar 2015


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