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The Beauty of Nature of this hometown

Friday, 06 March 2015


The Yomeishu Komagane Plant (Image credit: Yomeishu Seizo Co., Ltd)


You probably won't be able to guess where this place is. Situated at the foot of Japan's Central Alps, a highland 800 meter above sea level, and surrounded by the Southern and Central Alps is the hometown of Yomeishu, in the city of Komagane 駒ヶ根市 in Nagano Prefecture, Japan.


The Yomeishu Komagane Plant which commands a view of the two Alps has an area of approximate 360,000 square meters in which70% of it is covered in natural-growth forests. Between the two Alps runs the Tenryu River 天竜川where soft water is polished by the granite on Utsugidake Mountain in the Central Alps.   The high quality of the water which is necessary for manufacturing Yomeishu is the deciding factor in choosing the location for the Yomeishu plant.


Look out for more news as you could be the lucky ones to visit this mesmerising hometown of Yomeishu.


The Beauty of Nature of this hometown of Yomeishu (Images credit: Yomeishu Seizo Co., Ltd) 



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Source: Yomeishu Seizo Co., Ltd


Photos: Yomeishu Seizo Co., LtdPosted by Lester Boey in Around Asia on 06 Mar 2015


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