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Japan’s cat island (News video)

Sunday, 08 March 2015


Screen captured from Tomo News


More than 120 cats rule the village in Japan's Aoshima Island where only as many as 20 residents currently live, outnumbering humans 6-to-1. Thirteen kilometers off the coast of Ehime prefecture in southern Japan, hundreds of cats roam Aoshima Island, known to locals as Cat Island.


The island, home to roughly 20 human residents, is presided over by some 120 cats. Originally brought to the village to deal a rodent problem, the cats multiplied over the years and now overrun the small territory.


As word of this strange land travelled, the number of visiting tourists has swelled. Travel to Aoshima is limited to a ferry which can accommodate 17 people, that runs twice daily.




Feral cats overrun remote Japanese island, outnumbering humans 6-to-1 (Video credit: Tomo News) 



Source: Tomo News


Photos: Screen captured / Tomo NewsPosted by Admin in Videos on 08 Mar 2015


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