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Discover Planet Ocean II 大海球紀行 Ⅱ

Thursday, 12 March 2015


Image credit: © IMAGINE.Inc.


Let oceanic journalist, Masakazu Nagata, who has surveyed the seas of 70 countries around the world, to guide you to discover the ocean through this new episode ‘Discover planet ocean II The Currents of Life大海球紀行Ⅱ生命の海流 , at 9.30pm tonight on Hello! Japan.




The amazing blue sea -vast oceans and seas stretch across the face of the earth. Having so much more visible water than land, our home could be known as the blue planet. Life first appeared on earth 3.8 billion years ago. In that time, the earth has developed into a beautiful planet. The sea and all that it contains is the womb of mother earth. Life on land seems loud and hectic, here, so many lives struggle and prosper day after day. Their very existence is supported by the richness and power that the sea provides. There are 4 huge currents that circulate clockwise in the Pacific Ocean. These currents make life possible for an enormous array of living things. Now, let’s go on an adventure to follow the trail of these currents.


Images credit: © IMAGINE.Inc. 



New Episode: Discover Planet Ocean II - The Currents of Life

When: Thursdays
Time: 9.00pm
Channel: StarHub channel 149 and Singtel TV channel 261




Source: Hello! Japan


Photos: © IMAGINE.Inc.Posted by Admin in Entertainment on 12 Mar 2015


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