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This is Gindaiko 崟太鼓

Thursday, 26 March 2015


Taiko performance at Hanami Garden event @ Chijmes, 21 March 2015, by Gindaiko


Taiko 太鼓 is usually referred as a form of Japanese percussion drums, and outside of Japan, it is commonly known as Wadaiko 和太鼓. One highlight of Taiko schools in Singapore that promotes the art of Japanese drumming is Gindaiko 崟太鼓, established in 2004.


With over 10 years of the Japanese drumming experience, founder Mr Jeffrey Teo first went to an attachment with the Osuwa Daiko group in Nagano, Japan, under the supervision of Mr Oguchi Daihachi in 1996. Mr Oguchi Daihachi who has been conferred the title of 'Living National Treasure' by the Ministry of Arts in Japan, is also recognised as a influencer to modern Taiko drumming outside Japan.


With no official dojo 道場 in Singapore, Gindaiko is conducting the Taiko courses at community clubs and other training grounds. Basic Taiko course will introduce the students to the basics of playing percussion instruments before learning the fundamentals in Taiko drumming and public performances.


More information can be found at http://www.gindaiko.com.


Far right: Mr Jeffrey Teo, founder of Gindaiko 崟太鼓 



Source: Gindaiko

Article by HaiJapan


Photos: HaiJapanPosted by Lester Boey in Arts & Culture on 26 Mar 2015


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