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Over 400 years of herbal liqueur-making

Sunday, 05 April 2015


Yomeishu is a herbal liqueur that was first produced over 400 years ago in 1602 in Ina Valley, Shinshu, by founder Sokan Shiozawa out of a desire for a healthier lifestyle, and continues to be manufactured to this day.


Yomeishu Komagane Plant which is the home town of Yomeishu is situated on the foot of Japan's Central Alps, a highland 800 meters above sea level, in Komagane city, Nagano Prefecture. Surrounded by the Central Alps and Southern Alps; and between them runs the Tenryu River, the plant boasts with clean air and water which are the important resources to produce Yomeishu.


Accordingly to Yomeishu Japan website, ingredients from more than 10 varieties of natural herbs are dissolved into Yomeishu and through the synergistic effects of herbal medicine and alcohol, Yomeishu help to improve the circulation of the body, improve the constitution and restore physical condition.  By drinking a little each day, Yomeishu will improve your body to its naturally healthy state.


Yomeishu’s Facebook page can be found at www.fb.com/yomeishusingapore.


Yomeishu Komagane Plant, Komagane city, Nagano Prefecture, Japan (Image credit: Yomeishu Seizo Co., Ltd) 



Source: Yomeishu

Article by HaiJapan


Photos: Yomeishu Seizo Co., LtdPosted by Admin in F&B on 05 Apr 2015


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