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Mango Miyazaki 宮崎

Tuesday, 14 April 2015


「太陽のタマゴ」 (Image credit: Tsukiji Premium)


What are these mangoes from Miyazaki that create a stir online recently? Miyazaki mangoes are some of the worlds finest and sales of these mangoes usually commences from April 13. In the auction held yesterday, one box of mango was auctioned at Yen 300,000 (approximate SGD 3,400).


The mangoes under the brand name 「太陽のタマゴ」 or ‘the sun of the egg’ have superb sweet taste and aroma. According to the Miyazaki Fruit Concierge, these mangoes are selected under strict criteria including appearance, size, weight and the highest grade highest grade who meet strict standards of sugar content


How to enjoy these mangoes? Simply chill them and then eat. On 25 May, a ‘mango day’ festival will be held in Miyazaki too.


Image credit: Kajitsuan store on Rakuten 


Miyazaki Fruit Concierge 



Source: Miyazaki Fruit Concierge

Article written by HaiJapan


Photos: Tsukiji PremiumPosted by Admin in Around Asia on 14 Apr 2015


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