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Discover Choya Extra Series 50ml set

Monday, 20 April 2015


Image credit: Choya Umeshu Co., Ltd


Have you noticed a change recently in Choya Extra Series 50ml set packaging? The shape of the cluster pack has been changed in order to reduce packaging damage and the new packaging comes with a stylish modern look.


Made of 100% Japanese premium Nanko ume fruit, these Choya comprises of Extra Years, Extra Shiso and Royal Honey are easy-to-drink, great as a cocktail base and a perfect gift to someone special or for personal miniature collection



Tasting Note:

Extra Years: Displays initial rich sweetness with notes of almond & marzipan which are then elegantly balanced by a natural vibrant acidity.
Extra Shiso: Retains the initial character of the Extra Years with pleasantly bitter, herbaceous notes from red shiso leaves.
Royal Honey: Mild sweetness & pleasant honey aroma followed by notes of almond and marzipan.


Choya Extra Series 50ml set @ DFS Singapore Airport 



Choya is distributed by Whistler Wine & Spirits Pte Ltd. Website: www.whistler.com.sg. Tel: +65 67487820.



Source: Choya Umeshu Co., Ltd


Photos: Choya Umeshu Co., LtdPosted by Admin in F&B on 20 Apr 2015


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