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Onsen + Tattoo

Tuesday, 21 April 2015


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In Japan, visiting tourists or locals with tattoo are often refused entry to an onsen 温泉. However, in recent years, some of the hot springs begins to accept with terms and conditions apply. One of such entities is the hot spring chain, Ryokan KAI by Hoshino Resort, in Japan.


Announced on April 15, the chain will launch a six month trial starting in October to allow entry to tattooed guests if their tattoos can be covered with a seal measuring 8cm by 10cm which will be provided free.


KAI Nikko (Image credit: Hoshino Resort Co.,Ltd) 


With the increase of overseas customers, this attempt becomes an opportunity for onsen operators, and guests with tattoo are also able to enjoy the hot spring culture of Japan. Today, KAI has 12 outlets across Japan.


KAI Nikko is located at 2482-1,ChuGuShi,Nikko-Shi,Tochigi,Japan〒321-1661. More information can be found at http://global.hoshinoresort.com



Source: Hoshino Resort Co.,Ltd


Photos: HaiJapanPosted by Admin in Travel on 21 Apr 2015


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