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The Curious Passenger, Beam from Thailand

Wednesday, 22 April 2015


Image credit: © TSS-TV CO., LTD.


In the upcoming episodes of The Curious Passenger 行きたがりーノ, rediscover the charms of Japan through the eyes of special guest, Beam from Thailand, as she follows host Hidetsugu Shibata (a member of comedy unit “Untouchable”) around various places in Japan. Don’t miss Beam’s gastronomical adventure on HELLO! Japan this Friday at 8pm.


Episode 44 Synopsis:

With the mission to try food that is surprising to foreigners, Beam and Hidetsugu Shibata arrive at the Kintaikyo Bridge in Iwakuni. While it is a popular tourist destination, not many know about the ice cream shop located across the bridge. With an extensive menu of 140 flavours including Ayu fish and ramen, it is a must-try! After that, they learn about how Iwakuni sushi is made and even visit the Calbee factory.


Beam from Thailand (Image credit: © TSS-TV CO., LTD.) 


HELLO! Japan is currently on channel 251 on Singtel TV and channel 149 on Starhub Cable Vision.



Source: Hello! Japan


Photos: © TSS-TV CO., LTD.Posted by Admin in Entertainment on 22 Apr 2015


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