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Orion Happy Park オリオンハッピーパーク

Sunday, 26 April 2015


Image credit: screen captured from Orion beer CM

音楽は宮古島出身アーティスト下地勇さんの曲「KEEP ON」と 「希望を注げ!」


Orion beer which is still unknown to many locals is the fifth largest beer brewery in Japan. Founded in 1957 in Nago city 名護市 located in the northern part of Okinawa Island, Japan, Orion beer is among the popular beers consumed in Okinawa and the beer is also the icon of the island.


Produced with quality water from springs beneath the mountains of Yanbaru山原 and being the important substantial ingredient of the beer, Orion beer is smooth, refreshing and considerably very Japanese. In Singapore, Orion beer is available in draft, 334ml bottle, 350ml and 500ml can.


Orion Happy Park オリオンハッピーパーク (Image credit: Orion Breweries, Ltd.) 


Orion beer also offers free guided brewery tour at Orion Happy Park オリオンハッピーパーク since its opening in 2011. At the end of the tour, visitors can also enjoy fresh draft beer or to purchase merchandises like Orion beer t-shirts, towels, lanyards and others. On 16 and 17 May, the park will be celebrating its fourth anniversary!


Orion Beer is distributed by Whistler Wine & Spirits Pte Ltd. Website: www.whistler.com.sg. Tel: +65 6748 7820.



Source: Orion Breweries, Ltd.

Article by HaiJapan


Photos: screen captured from Orion beer CMPosted by Admin in F&B on 26 Apr 2015


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