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Natural Mineral Water from Mt. Fuji

Saturday, 02 May 2015


Image credit: Premium Fuji / © FLC Inc


Discover Mt. Fuji 富士山 water in Singapore! Premium Fuji is 100% natural water and non-heated that comes from clean water source 200m below ground of Mt. Fuji.  Due to its water hardness and fresh produce, Premium Fuji provides delicious flavor and clean water to many Japanese.


As Premium Fuji water is protected by the forests and soil; and filtered by natural force for a long time, its super soft water of hardness 25 is recommended for mothers as well as babies.


Available in Singapore, Premium Fuji comes with a water dispenser system, measuring 1300mm height and 300m width, that provides cold and hot water function. This natural water comes in packages that are obtained directly from Mt. Fuji, filled unheated at ambient temperature, and packaged before delivery to your doorstep.


You can try Japanese natural mineral water at Premium Fuji booth at Liang Court, Level 1. More information can be found at http://flc-inc.sg



Source: Premium Fuji / © FLC Inc


Photos: Premium Fuji / © FLC IncPosted by Admin in F&B on 02 May 2015


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