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孤独のグルメ - Gourmet of Loneliness

Wednesday, 06 May 2015


Image credit: © TV Tokyo


Based on a popular Japanese cuisine comic book written by Masayuki Kusumi and Jiro Taniguchi, Solitary Gourmet 孤独のグルメ is a Japanese television drama series about a lonely businessman and the art of eating alone.


The story follows a man named Inogashira Goro (played by Matsushige Yutaka) who travels through Japan for business purposes, eating at restaurants and experiencing specialties of Japanese cuisine. In each episode, Inogashira discovers new and interesting cuisine in which he speaks very little and the focus is on his character as he eats.


Image credit: © TV Tokyo 


One of the highlights of this drama series is that the shops and restaurants that appear in it are all real shops, targeted the general public as consumers.


This new premieres will start on May 12 at 9.30pm on Hello! Japan TV channel on StarHub TV Ch 149, under the complimentary FreeView group and Singtel TV Ch 261, under the Family + pack.




Source: Hello! Japan


Photos: © TV TokyoPosted by Admin in Entertainment on 06 May 2015


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