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The Expensive 夕張メロン Yubari Melon

Saturday, 23 May 2015


Image credit: Yubari Agricultural Cooperative


These melons are so expensive… Grown in the city of Yubari, in Sorachi Sub-prefecture, of Hokkaido, 夕張メロン Yubari Melon has glowing orange flesh, great sugar content and sweet aroma; and these melons are only harvested during this period.


On average, one pair of Yubari Melons can costs about 6000 Yen (approximate SGD 66.00) and each weight around 1.2kg.  In the annual Yubari Melons Auction event at Sapporo Central Wholesale markets, some melons can go up to millions of Yen and according to Yubari City Agricultural Cooperative; a record of 2.5 million yen was made in 2015. There has been news stating that a pair of Yubari melons had fetched about 1.5 million Yen at the auction this year.


Image credit: Yubari Agricultural Cooperative 


The official name of the Yubari Melon is known as Yubari King and it was first created by crossbreeding a Spicy Cantaloupe and an Earl’s Favorite in 1961. One highlight is the brand name ‘Yubari Melon’ is a registered trademark owned by the Yubari City Agricultural Cooperative in Hokkaido - only Yubari Kings that are exported by this agriculture body are allowed to use the brand name.


Look yummy?



Source: Yubari Agricultural Cooperative


Photos: Yubari Agricultural CooperativePosted by Admin in Around Asia on 23 May 2015


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