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Wagyu delicacies and Modern Japanese Dishes

Monday, 25 May 2015


Wagyu Houba Misayaki (Image credit: En Grill & Bar)


EN Grill & Bar at Mohamed Sultan Road launches new menu which focus on serving Japan’s No. 1 and award winning Motobu Wagyu beef as one of the main ingredients. These fresh wagyu are in the marbling grade of between A4 and A5 are air-flown directly from the Yanbaru ranch in Okinawa.


Why Motobu Wagyu is so special? These cattles are fed with fermented feed that contains lactic acid bacterium and grain from Orion beer. Rich in dietary fibre, Motobu Wagyu boasts a higher 58 percent of unsaturated fatty acids compared to the 55 percent in general black Japanese beef. In the Japanese National Livestock Agriculture Competition of Wagyu 2013, the Motobu Wagyu had won the first prize.


Wagyu Ishiyaki Don (Image credit: En Grill & Bar) 


Highlights of the Wagyu delicacies include Wagyu & Foie Gras steak, Wagyu Loin Balsamic Vinegar Stew, Wagyu Suji & Foie Gras, Uni Angel Hair Pasta and Wagyu Guinness Ragu Pasta, which use combination of Western and Eastern ingredients. Other selections also include Japanese Wagyu Hamburg, Steak, Tapas and Stir-fried dishes to whet appetites.


Wagyu Suji & Foie Gras (Image credit: En Grill & Bar) 


En Wagyu Salad (Image credit: En Grill & Bar) 


For non-beef dishes, the refreshed menu includes Hotate Bainiku (scallop & plum gelatin), Chicken mini burger, Tako Carpaccio, Sumibiyaki Chicken (charcoal grilled chicken) amongst others.


En Grill & Bar is located at 207 River Valley Road, #01-59/60, UE Square.



Source: EN Grill & Bar


Photos: EN Grill & BarPosted by Admin in Restaurants on 25 May 2015


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