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Choya Cocktails @ Neon Pigeon (By Strictly Ours)

Wednesday, 27 May 2015


L-R: Choya Shiso, ‘Love you very Maccha' and Aoimoku (Image credit: Strictly Ours)



[Article from Strictly Ours] Made from the ume fruit, Choya is an all-natural traditional Japanese liqueur that requires a year to produce. The ume fruit has been commonly mistaken as plum but it is in actual fact, very different from plum. Choya is typically enjoyed right from the bottle or on the rocks but how does a Choya cocktail sound? 


"This is my first time having Choya and I honestly thought that I wouldn't like it but I had 3 glasses of Shiro and 2 Aoimoko!" Quoted Kimberley.



Read more: http://www.strictlyours.com/2015/05/choya-cocktails-neon-pigeon.html#more





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This article first appeared on STRICTLY OURS; written by Kimberley Yeo


Photos: Strictly OursPosted by Admin in News on 27 May 2015


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