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Savour Asahi Super Dry

Thursday, 04 June 2015


Image credit: Asahi Beer Singapore


Asahi Super Dry presents a series of exclusive collaborative menus from July to September 2015 at three Japanese F&B establishments Katanashi An, Boruto and E.Pachi. Aimed at highlighting Asahi Super Dry’s signature clean, crisp and refreshing (karakuchi) taste, the menus will showcase a delectable selection of Japanese dishes that complement with Asahi Super Dry.


During these three months, 3 beer pairing menus will be available for a limited time of just one month each and feature 5-course, 4-course and 8-course dinner menus along with two pints of draught Asahi Super Dry.


Image credit: Asahi Beer Singapore 


July Promotion

Katanashi An at Boon Tat Street helmed by Chef Yuta Yumauchi, will offer a selection of delightful dishes in a 5-course beer pairing menu priced at $50++.


August Promotion
August will see the newly opened Boruto, which means vault in Japanese, presenting a 4-course menu at $75++.


September Promotion
Chef Watanabe of E.Pachi at Boat Quay will dish up a selection of eight dishes for his Asahi Super Dry Omakase Menu with 8-course menu offered at $100++.



Starting from end June, Hai Japan will bring you an overview of one beer pairing menu each month. Meantime, Kanpai to Asahi Beer!




Source: Asahi Beer Singapore


Photos: Asahi Beer SingaporePosted by Admin in News on 04 Jun 2015


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