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でんすけすいか Densuke watermelon

Thursday, 18 June 2015


Densuke watermelon (Image credit: ikorofood on Rakuten Japan)


Asahikawa 旭川, located in the center of Hokkaido, is the island's second largest city after Sapporo. Though the city is not known as a tourist destination, a wholesale market in Asahikawa city has often caught world's attention for its high-price auctioned ‘Densuke watermelon’.


Cultivated in Toma town in Hokkaido, Japan, Densuke watermelon is expensive and commonly recognized for its black appearance, bright red flesh and irresistibly sweet taste. In the annual first auction of the year, one premium watermelon can easily fetch between 300,000 Yen (approximate SGD 3,250) to 350,000 Yen (SGD 3,800). According to Ajisaikan.com, a 10kg of an average Densuke watermelon is sold for 8,850 Yen (SGD 92.00), including tax and shipping.



In Japan, Densuke watermelons are commonly good to present as gift as they carry the taste and sensation of coolness during the summer gift-giving season in mid-July.




Source: Toma Agricultural Cooperatives, Hokkaido Ajisaikan Inc


Photos: ikorofood on Rakuten JapanPosted by Admin in Around Asia on 18 Jun 2015


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