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Tuesday, 23 June 2015


Seiyuus and BACK-ON (Image credit: Bandai Namco Asia)


Have you visited the Gundam Docks at Singapore? Behind-the-scenes artistes from Japan, GUNDAM BUILD FIGHTERS TRY main voice cast and Japanese rock band BACK-ON, made a special appearance last Saturday, 20th June, to meet and perform for fans. Two sessions were held on a stage at Takashimaya Square.


Kazumi Togashi (Voice Actress for Sekai Kamiki), Yuuma Uchida (Voice Actor for Yuuma Kousaka) and Yui Makino (Voice Actress for Fumina Hoshino), three of the voice actors and actresses from GUNDAM BUILD FIGHTERS TRY, shared their views about their characters as well as their impression of Singapore during the 40-minute talk show.


Seiyuus Group shot (Image credit: Bandai Namco Asia) 


Yuuma Uchida - Voice Actor for Yuuma Kousaka (Image credit: Bandai Namco Asia) 



Following the talk show, Japanese rock band BACK-ON, who composed and performed theme songs for GUNDAM BUILD FIGHTERS and GUNDAM BUILD FIGHTERS TRY, made their debut performance in Singapore. Fans were singing along to three of the rock band’s upbeat songs, “wimp”, “Cerulean” and “Nibun no Ichi”.


The Gundam exhibition is currently held at Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza and Takashimaya Square till 28 June 2015. See you there at Takashimaya Square, Basement 2!


BACK-ON music performance (Image credit: Bandai Namco Asia) 


BACK-ON, KENJI03 - Vocal, Emcee and Guitar (Image credit: Bandai Namco Asia) 



Source: Bandai Namco Asia


Photos: Bandai Namco AsiaPosted by Admin in News on 23 Jun 2015


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