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Ruby Roman ルビーロマン grapes

Tuesday, 14 July 2015


Image credit: ZEN-NOH Ishikawa


Latest headlines from Japan include news about these Ruby Roman ルビーロマン grapes. What are these Japanese grapes that had been sold for a record one million Japanese yen (approximate SGD 11,027)?


Accordingly to several news portals and Japan News, 26 Ruby Roman grapes, weight 700 grams, were sold at a fruit auction event in Kanazawa City Central Wholesale Market last week, smashing the previous record of 550,000 yen last year.  


Image credit: ZEN-NOH Ishikawa 



Considerably the most expensive variety of grapes, Ruby Roman is grown in Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan, and they are red like a ruby, weigh at least 20 grams per grape (size of a ping pong) and have sweet aroma. The first bunch of Ruby Roman grapes went on auction in August 11, 2008, for 100,000 Japanese yen (approximate SGD 1,103), debuted as a new variety of premium grapes in Japan.


Ishikawa Prefecture agricultural and livestock products and JA processed goods can be found at www.is.zennoh.or.jp (Japanese)



Source: ZEN-NOH Ishikawa, Ishikawa Prefecture and rubyroman.com


Photos: ZEN-NOH IshikawaPosted by Admin in Around Asia on 14 Jul 2015


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