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Okayama Fair – Fruit Kingdom

Monday, 27 July 2015


Okayama Fair (Image credit: Vivids Creation)


Japan is known for producing fruits of the highest quality, and the best of them comes from Okayama prefecture, famous for being Japan's "Fruit Kingdom". Now you have a chance to try Okayama's famous produce at ISETAN Scotts' OKAYAMA FAIR, held from 28 July to 6 August, 2015.


Other than Momotaro merchandises and Kibi Dango (dumplings), highlights of Okayama products also include Okayama Barazushi (a famous local dish of Okayama which is made of rich, fresh sea food and vegetables on top of Vinegared rice), Bizen Pottery (a traditional art more than 1000-year-old that is created with earth and fire and has a simple texture achieved without glaze or ceramic painting), Kojima Jeans and fruits like white peaches, grapes and processed fruit products and desserts.


Consumers who spend minimum $50 in a single receipt, on the same day, on Okayama Fair products stand a chance to win a return air tickets and accommodation by H.I.S Travel. Terms and conditions apply.


Don't miss the juicy peaches & grapes specially flown over from Japan this season!



Source: Vivid Creations


Photos: Vivid CreationsPosted by Admin in Events on 27 Jul 2015


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