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Niigata Rice Tasting Event

Monday, 10 August 2015


Image credit: Nihon Assist Singapore


A Niigata Prefecture rice tasting event was held at the Novotel Singapore on 31 July 2015 featuring both local Onigiri F&B and Niigata exhibitors. Niigata boasts Japan's biggest harvest of rice, which is essential to Japanese cuisine, is also the rice capital of Japan. Among all, Koshihikari, Niigata's most celebrated variety of rice, is famous throughout Japan for its taste. 


Local exhibitors include Hillman Restaurant, Teppei, Soup Stock Tokyo, Tomi Sushi and IKYU, the fine dining Japanese restaurant who uses the famous KOSHIHIKARI rice and fresh seafood from Tokyo’s Tsukiji Fish Market.


Among the overseas exhibitors of rice and sake include Issei, Joint Farm, Niigata Nosho, Otomi-san, Zen-noh Niigata, Kanzuri, Life Promote, Taiyo Shuzo and Takano Shuzo. Here's some photos from the rice tasting event:



Images credit: Nihon Assist Singapore

Source: Nihon Assist Singapore


Photos: Nihon Assist SingaporePosted by Admin in Events on 10 Aug 2015


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