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New Majestic Hotel x Flaneur 5.0: Faris Nakamura

Wednesday, 19 August 2015


NMHxFlaneur 5.0 (Image credit: Facebook of New Majestic Hotel)


Located in the heart of Chinatown, the New Majestic Hotel features an emphasis on strong design, local culture and the Arts. From the open concept period-inspired lobby with restored vintage Compton fans to the dramatic pool with glass inserts floating above the restaurant, to the selection of period colonial furniture from Singapore in the 1920s- 1960s, the Hotel is a stunning and eclectic mix of heritage chic.


Since April 2015, New Majestic Hotel has been collaborating with Flaneur Gallery, a contemporary art gallery promoting Singapore based artists who create brilliant art inspired by their acute observation of the urban life in this vibrant city.


Images credit: New Majestic Hotel, Faris Nakamura 



In August, the fifth series in the New Majestic Hotel x Flaneur Gallery collaboration presents Faris Nakamura, a fine artist who goes by the name Faris Nakamura as a moniker to distinguish himself as a Singaporean with a Japanese grandfather. Formerly an active flautist for the Singapore Youth Wind Orchestra, Faris Nakamura is now exploring with different mediums, his works includes sculptures and installations.


New Majestic Hotel is located at 31 - 37 Bukit Pasoh Road, Singapore 089845.



Source: New Majestic Hotel, Faris Nakamura


Photos: Facebook of New Majestic HotelPosted by Admin in News on 19 Aug 2015


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