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エクストラコールド Asahi Super Dry Extra Cold Bar

Tuesday, 08 September 2015


Image credit: Website of Asahi Beer Japan


Can I have a glass of 'sub-zero' beer? Accordingly to several online reports, local consumers are expected to see an Asahi Super Dry Extra Cold Bar by end of 2015. Led by businessman Seiki Takahashi with his GP Asia Pacific Hospitality & Lifestyle LP fund for the first Asahi Super Dry Extra Cold Bar in Singapore, these Asahi bars have been receiving much attention in countries like Australia and Japan.


Why is this so special? Perhaps the idea of serving Asahi Super Dry at sub-zero temperature is a new way of consuming beer and many believe that beer will taste better when it's extra cold. Another key factor to get its extra cold version of Asahi Super Dry beer is to use the "right equipment”...


Kanpai to Asahi Beer!


Image credit: Facebook of Asahi Beer Australia 



Source: Online Reports and Asahi Breweries


Photos: Website of Asahi Beer JapanPosted by Admin in News on 08 Sep 2015


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