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Beauty of KŌGEI: Art Crafts in Japan

Sunday, 22 June 2014


21 June – Yesterday marked the last day of 3 week exhibition ‘Beauty of KŌGEI: Art Crafts in Japan’ at the Japan Creative Centre (JCC). The craft exhibition was organized by The Japan Foundation Asia Center and JCC in collaboration with The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo.


The exhibition introduced selected art crafts from 14 of the most influential and prominent Japanese artists, providing a glimpse of the intricate techniques and designs involved in Japanese “Monozukuri” (craftsmanship).


‘Beauty of KŌGEI: Art Crafts in Japan’ from 31 May - 21 June 2014 at Japan Creative Centre (JCC)


The 14 artists are Imaizumi Imaemon (born in 1962), Kawase Shinobu (1950), Maeta Akihiro (1954), Matsui Koyo (1962), Okada Yu (1946), Shinno Iwao (1957), Fukumoto Shihoko (1945), Hayashi Satoru (1954), Ikeda Iwao (1940), Murose Kazumi (1950), Taguchi Yoshiaki (1958), Nagano Isao (1956), Tanabe Shochiku (1973) and Fujinuma Noburu (1945).


Fujinuma Noburu (1945):  Bamboo


Fukumoto Shihoko (1945): Dyeing


Okada Yu (1946): Stoneware


Kawase Shinobu (1950): Porcelain


Ikeda Iwao (1940): Lacquer


Left: Maeta Akihiro (1954): Porcelain. Right: Matsui Koyo (1962): Stoneware


Hayashi Satoru (1954): Lacquer


Tanabe Shochiku (1973): Bamboo


Japan Creative Centre (JCC), Embassy of Japan, is located at No. 4 Nassim Road, Singapore 258372.

To know more about JCC, visit www.sg.emb-japan.go.jp/JCC.


This article and images are brought to you by HaiJapan.


Photos: Hai JapanPosted by Admin in Arts & Culture on 22 Jun 2014


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