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Friday, 30 October 2015


Shibuya オトナ Halloween 2015, October 24 © SHIBUYA OTONA HALLOWEEN Planning Committee


One Halloween party in Japan started early ahead last week but was strictly for adults only. Held last weekend at Shibuya, Japan, the Shibuya Otona Halloween Party was designed for adults - those 20 years of age and older - and children were denied entry even if accompanied by their parents.


Being Shibuya's biggest Halloween party in 2015, the event featured DJ, Halloween costume competition and other varieties of performances. Highlight of the party include a special guest appear as the official supporters. The admission required two-to-go and fee was considerably reasonable at ¥1,000 (approximate SGD12) per person which includes tickets for food and drink.


The winning ceremony of the costume competition can be seen from YouTube, http://bit.ly/1Mx846p.


Meantime, Happy Halloween Singapore!




Source: Shibuya Otona Halloween Planning Committee


Photos: © SHIBUYA OTONA HALLOWEEN Planning CommitteePosted by Admin in Around Asia on 30 Oct 2015


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