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Japanese F&B Franchise Opportunities

Monday, 02 November 2015


Japan Pavilion @ Franchising & Licensing Asia 2015


The Franchising & Licensing Asia (FLAsia) 2015 expo was held at the MBS Sands Expo & Convention Centre last week from 29 – 31 October 2015 with local and International brands taking part. The International event catered for both trade and consumers who have the interest to seek for Entrepreneurship and Business Opportunities.


Highlights include the Japan Pavilion with exhibitors from famous Japanese F&B brands like Ramen Iroha, bread papa’s, Kodawari Menya, Bariuma Ramen, Hokkaido Ramen Kaiko, Ninjamen, Snaffle’s, Umi Hachikyou and not forgetting Soup Curry Cocoro.



Outside the Japan Pavilion exhibitor include the famous milk company from Hokkaido, Farm Design ファームデザインズ, which offers the prefecture's best wholesome confections created from in-house farm's freshest dairy ingredients.



Ramen Iroha: www.menya-iroha.com

Beard papa’s: www.muginoho.com
Kodawari Menya: www.westfoodplanning.com
Bariuma Ramen: www.with-link.co.jp
Hokkaido Ramen Kaiko: www.kaiko.co
Soup Curry COCORO: www.cocoro-soupcurry.com
Ninjamen: www.shinsen.co.jp
Umi Hachikyou: www.atomsgroup.jp
SNAFFLE’S: www.snaffles.jp
Farm Design: www.farmdesigns.com



Visited by HaiJapan


Photos: Hai JapanPosted by Admin in F&B on 02 Nov 2015


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