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JAL - Guide to Japan

Thursday, 19 November 2015


Screen capture from JAL's "Guide to Japan"


JAL's awarded travel website "Guide to Japan" is now available on mobile. Since its launch in 2005, the website has become a popular travel information section under JAL global website, www.jal.com, in 26 regions, including Singapore. Visitors can access to the mobile site of "Guide to Japan" on a smartphone or tablet PC whenever planning a trip to Japan or during the journey.



Screen capture from JAL's "Guide to Japan" 



Content highlights include:

HOW TSU JAPAN: Japan's unique customs expressed in a humorous tone and eye catching illustration
JAL Staff Selection: Original ideas of travel in Japan shared by JAL's cabin attendants and global staff
Omotenashi: How JAL delivers the spirit of Japanese hospitality to its customers in different aspects
About Japan: Introductions of Japan's seasons, cuisine, tradition and subculture



The site which include in seven language including English, French, German Russian, Chinese humorous writing tone, informative contents and interactive layout that attracted numbers of visitors to explore the information about Japan. It even won the Grandprix award in the promotion site category at the 2014 Japan Web Grandprix.




Content: Japan Airlines


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