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Luxury Kit Kat Gold Bar

Monday, 23 November 2015


Image credit: Nestlé Japan


Kit Kat lovers - Limited edition gold Kit Kat Bar will be hitting this festive season at selected boutique chocolate stores in Japan. Nestlé Japan will only be selling 500 of these “Sublime Gold” Kit Kat throughout Japan at the price of 2,016 yen, approximate SGD 23.00.


According to several news websites, including rocketnews24, these “gold bars’ are made of premium, rich bitter-flavoured chocolate Kit Kat as its base while the gold leaf layer is added by hand. Perhaps these individually-crafted chocolates will be one of Japan’s most popular gifts of the 2015-16 holiday season.


Sad to say, these bars will be sold exclusively at only eight chocolate stores across Japan.


Image credit: Nestlé Japan 



Source: Nestlé Japan


Photos: Nestlé JapanPosted by Admin in Around Asia on 23 Nov 2015


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