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Japan’s 48-piece Nuggets…

Monday, 30 November 2015


Image credit: screen captured from McDonald’s Japan website


McDonald's restaurants in Japan is releasing a 48-piece bucket of Chicken McNuggets tomorrow that features idols from the Japanese pop idol group NGT48, short for Niigata48, an all-female group consisting of 25 members; which is also the 4th active, domestic sister group of AKB48.


The buckets are decorated with images of the singers and each bucket comes with a commemorative card. Just imagine, NGT48 fans may have to consume 1,200 nuggets to collect all 25 commemorative cards.


Image credit: screen captured from McDonald’s Japan website  



The NGT48-Piece Chicken McNugget pack will go on sale 1 December for 1,800 yen (SGD 21.00), and will be available till further notice.



Source: McDonald’s Japan


Photos: McDonald’s Japan websitePosted by Admin in Around Asia on 30 Nov 2015


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