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Hello! Japan July Highlights

Tuesday, 24 June 2014


Big Fish! Kanto Off – Shore Fishing Club. ©Fishing Vision Co., Ltd. Photo: Hello! Japan



Watch ‘Big Fish! Kanto Off - Shore Fishing Club’, ‘Maple Story’ and ‘My Little Nightmare’ (Drama Marathon) exclusively on Hello! Japan in July; and also introducing four new series ‘Mogitate TV’, ‘Extreme Egi Paradise’, ‘More Golf’ and TEGE2. Hello! Japan is available on StarHub TV Channel 149, under complimentary free view group.



Big Fish! Kanto Off – Shore Fishing Club (First and Exclusive on Hello! Japan)

Premiere: 04 July 2014, Friday, 8pm

Watch Big Fish! Kanto Off-Shore Fishing Club as female host, Sachiyo Isobe, pulls out all stops fishing in a boat challenging the stereotype that fishing is a man’s sport and matching the target set in Tokyo Bay!


Cast: Sachiyo Isobe and others.




Hari Raya Special: My Little Nightmare (Exclusive)

Drama marathon: 28 July, Monday, 9am to 8pm

My Little Nightmare is a family drama enjoyable from kids to adults, packed with excitement and fun fantastic visuals with a pinch of humour that shows how Ayami learns the true meaning of life. Each episode will transport the viewer to a bizarre and seemingly paranormal dream world that is a fantasy-filled treat to the eye and an oneirocritical ride for the mind!


Cast: Keiko Kitagawa, GACKT, Yuka, Manatsu Kimura, Mari Hamada, Keisuke Okada, Yosuke Kawamura, Masato Wada, Kenji Anan, Midoriko Kimura, Fumiyo Kohinata




Mogitate TV (First & Exclusive)

New series: Every Wednesday 7PM

Join hosts Eiko Terao and Mana Tangeas they travel around Ehime meeting new friends from different towns and villages and experience the various traditional cuisine, seasonal food and unique Ehime culture.


Cast: Eiko Terao and Mana Tange




Extreme Egi Paradise (First & Exclusive)

New series: Every Tuesday 10pm

Follow energetic host, Yoko Isaka, around Japan in search for this Begfin Reef paradise and see how she engages special techniques that she learnt from local fishermen, in hope for a big catch!


Cast: Yuko Isaka and others




TEGE2 (First & Exclusive)

New Series: Every Thursday 8pm

TEGE2 (Pronounced as "Tege tege" which means "Just right" in Kagoshima dialect) is the right choice for you to learn more about the area, its food, culture, community and many more! Famous talents from Kagoshima will share with you all their experiences in this show.


Cast: Yaguchi Takuo Eitoku Takako Iwasaki Kouji




Other highlights include Premiere ‘Maple Story’ showing on 04 July 2014, Friday, 630pm and new series ‘More Golf – One More Step Golf’ showing every Saturday 7pm with Kenji Jojima (former professional baseball player), Taichiro Kanatani (doctor) and Sakiko Omura.


For more information, visit www.hellojapantv.com.


Photos: Hello! JapanPosted by Admin in Entertainment on 24 Jun 2014


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