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The sake from Tosa 土佐市

Wednesday, 23 December 2015


Image credit: SUIGEI Brewing Co., Ltd.


SUIGEI 酔鯨 which means “Drunken Whale” is sake from Tosa city土佐市 located in Kōchi Prefecture, Japan. The sake has been enjoyed by many from all over the World including New York, Berlin, Paris, and Kyoto and Singapore.


Brewing sake is not only about the technique but it also greatly affected by the ingredients such as rice, water and sake yeast. In the making of Suigei (sake), the brewery is very particular when it comes to ingredient selection and aims to maximise ingredient-potential. Through careful selection, the variety of rice is chosen with sake quality in mind and only highly refined polised rice is used.


The special series of "Suigei" from Suigei Brewery Kochi Prefecture in Japan 

Image credit: SUIGEI Sake Salon, Singapore 



Spring water from the mountainous Tosayama region in the nothern part of Kochi City is usedinthe brewing process. The water quality is of a mild soft water, adding to Suigei's signature note of natural smoothness. The sake yeast used in Suigei is also a traditional ginjo yeast call "Kumamoto Kobo" - sake yeast strain No.9 that creates a gentle ginjo aroma.


One place you can enjoy the fine SUIGEI sake is the Suigei Sake Salon located at #01-04 Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel. To try something new, sake lovers can also check out with the salon's crew for recommendation. 


Please enjoy your fantastic time with SUIGEI, a sake that could only come from Tosa was born!



Source: SUIGEI Brewing Co., Ltd.



SUIGEI is distributed by distributed by Whistler Wine & Spirits Pte Ltd.

Website: www.whistler.com.sg. Tel: +65 67487820.


Photos: SUIGEI Brewing Co., Ltd.Posted by Admin in Sake & Shochu on 23 Dec 2015


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