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Narita Airport Goes VEGE

Monday, 28 December 2015


Narita Airport Original Logo to Publicize Restaurants with Vegetarian Menus! (Credit: Narita Airport)


Narita Airport, Tokyo, has recently produced an original "Vege Logo" to help customers to discover restaurants that offer vegetarian menus. Since 1 December 2015, restaurants have been displaying shop-front posters bearing the logo and providing menu lists for vegetarian customers. This is in response to numerous customer inquiries for restaurants that offer vegetarian menus and aim to accommodate to further growth in visitors to Japan anticipated in the years ahead.


Types of Vegetarian menus include menus that do not contain meat or seafood, and for customers with stricter dietary requirements; and menus that do not contain egg, dairy products and honey in addition to meat and seafood.


Restaurant's vegetarian menu list (Credit: Narita Airport) 



The airport website will also provide a simple list of restaurants with vegetarian menus, and the applicable F&B outlets will be marked with the Vege Logo on the shop guides in the terminals. Listing of the restaurants can be found here.




Source: Narita International Airport Corporation


Photos: Narita AirportPosted by Admin in Travel on 28 Dec 2015


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