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Swing Girls スイングガールズ [PG]

Monday, 04 January 2016


Image credit: © Fuji Television, 2004


Swings Girls スイングガールズ is a 2004 Japanese comedy movie based on a group of high school girls who form a big band. Japan Creative Centre, JCC, will be screening the movie at Tampines West Community Club (TWCC) on Saturday, 23 January 2016, at 7:30pm.


Synopsis: Girls Meet Jazz! A group of high school girls stuck in a remedial math class for the summer. Through sheer boredom they decided to form a brass band as a way out of the uninspiring lessons. The girls however are more interested in having fun than in actually practising. It is only when their band is threatened with disbandment that they realise they actually enjoy learning how to play even though they are not very good. The girls turn to their eccentric math teacher for help as they embark on a wild adventure of musical fun, to the addictive beat of that big brass swing.


The screening will be held at Tampines West Community Club Basketball court. Also, before the movie, catch the special performance by TWCC's Ani Brass Interest Group at 7.00pm. Run time is approximate 1 hr 45 min.




Source: Japan Creative Centre

Synopsis source: The Japan Foundation, Sydney


Photos: © Fuji Television, 2004Posted by Admin in Entertainment on 04 Jan 2016


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