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Washi 和紙Japanese Paper Body Towel

Monday, 04 January 2016


Image credit: Screen captured from YouTube video


Washi is a style of paper from Japan and have you heard about the two-sided cotton and paper towel from Japan? Accordingly to Japan Trend Shop, the award-winning Washi Japanese Paper Body Towel, measuring 25cm by 100cm, actually works “brilliantly”.


Interweaving cotton with traditional Japanese paper (washi) made from fibers, the towel has two sides; one is cotton while the other is Japanese paper. The towel can last longer than any regular cotton towel and is good for scrubbing hard and lathering soap bubbles, while switching to the soft side for more gentle rubbing.


The introduction video can be found on YouTube, click here, watch it...


Interesting? Thanks to Japan Trend Shop and JPLIVE TV for featuring such “amazing” product!




Source: Japan Trend Shop / JPLIVE TV


Photos: Japan Trend Shop / JPLIVE TVPosted by Admin in Around Asia on 04 Jan 2016


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