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Record High 200kg Bluefin Tuna

Wednesday, 06 January 2016


Image credit: Twitter of Sushi Zanmai restaurant chain


At the popular Tsukiji fish market’s first and final New Year auction, a 200kg Bluefin Tuna was sold at for record high 14 million yen, approximate SGD 169,500. The winning bidder is none other than the president from Sushi Zanmai restaurant chain, Mr Kiyoshi Kimura.


In January 2013, his record winning bid was 154.4 million yen for a 222 kilogram Bluefin fish which is approximate SGD 1.86 million at today's exchange rate.


Accordingly to the sushi chain’s website, there are a total of 54 outlets across Japan - Tokyo, Hokkaido, Tochigi, Saitama, Kanagawa, Ishikawa, Aichi, Osaka, Fukuoka and Kumamoto Prefecture.


Images credit: Website of Sushi Zanmai restaurant chain 



Source: Sushi Zanmai


Photos: Sushi ZanmaiPosted by Admin in Around Asia on 06 Jan 2016


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