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Kit Kat sake キットカット 日本酒

Monday, 01 February 2016


Image credit: Nestle Japan / Kit Kat Japan


Another Japanese KitKat flavor launched... This time is a sake-flavored Kit Kat 「キットカット 日本酒」 that launches nationwide today in Japan. The new waffle bar comes with white chocolate and sake with smooth aftertaste.


Made in Japan, the new treat cost ¥ 150 for pack of 3 pieces (approximate SGD 1.80) and ¥ 700 (approximate SGD 8.30) for pack of 9 pieces. The Japanese sake-flavored Kit Kat will also be featuring at the upcoming Craft Sake Week in Tokyo, from February 5 to 14.


Image credit: Nestle Japan / Kit Kat Japan Facebook page 



Source: Nestle Japan / Kit Kat


Photos: Nestle Japan / Kit Kat JapanPosted by Admin in Around Asia on 01 Feb 2016


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