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鍵泥棒のメソッド Key of Life

Thursday, 04 February 2016


Image credit: © 2012 Key of Life Film Partners


Directed by Kenji Uchida and the cast includes Masato Sakai, Teruyuki Kagawa and Ryoko Hirosue, 鍵泥棒のメソッド Key of Life is a 2012 Japanese movie about an aspiring actor who failed miserably and becomes frustrated with his life.


On Saturday, 13 February, the movie will be screened at Japan Creative Centre, Embassy of Japan in Singapore, at 2.00pm. The screening is free of charge and interested audience is required to register with their particular (Full name, gender and mobile number) with the subject JCC CINEMA 43: KEY OF LIFE to jcc@sn.mofa.go.jp.


Seats will be confirmed only upon receipt of confirmation email from Japan Creative Centre.





Sakurai (Masato Sakai) is an aspiring actor who failed miserably and becomes frustrated with his life. He then decides to kill himself, but before committing suicide, Sakurai heads off to a public bathhouse. At the bathhouse, Sakurai witnesses a wealthy man named Kondo (Teruyuki Kagawa) collapse and loses his memory in front of Sakurai. On a sudden whim, Sakurai switches his locker keys with Kondo and pretends to be Kondo. However, Sakurai soon finds himself in trouble with the yakuza gangsters…


Meanwhile, the amnesic Kondo was convinced that he is Sakurai but faces with increasing bewilderment as life goes on. Fortunately at the hospital, Kanae (Ryoko Hirosue) helps Kondo to pull himself together. Finally, Kondo comes to his senses, but before he could celebrate, he has to solve the many problems caused by Sakurai who assumed his identity…




Source: Japan Creative Centre


Photos: © 2012 Key of Life Film PartnersPosted by Admin in Entertainment on 04 Feb 2016


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