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No room for jealousy this Valentine’s Day

Saturday, 13 February 2016


2015 Rakuten Shopping Secrets survey (Featured image was cropped from its original state)



According to the 2015 Rakuten Shopping Secrets survey, one in four males in Singapore indicated feelings of jealousy when their partner receives a Valentine’s gift from an ex-partner but choose not to voice it out. Surprisingly, it is the males who are more likely to secretly throw the gift away or pretend to have received a gift as well from their ex partners; the percentages stand at 7% and 4% respectively.


Women in Singapore remain as enigmatic as ever as despite only a small minority of females view Valentine’s Day as the most romantic day in the year, this stand at 8%. However, about 42% of the women surveyed expect a gift on Valentine Day; and nearly one in two Singaporeans expressed hopes to receive a vocation as a Valentin’s gift.


How about you? Anyway, the Rakuten Shopping Secret survey 2015 was conducted on more than 2,500 men and women between aged 20 to 60 years old in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Taiwan.


Happy Valentine Day!




Source: Rakuten Singapore


Photos: 2015 Rakuten Shopping Secrets surveyPosted by Admin in News on 13 Feb 2016


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