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The Cat and Royal Rooster

Wednesday, 09 March 2016


The Cat and the Royal Rooster have been unveiled as the newest additions

to the coveted Namiki Chinkin collection.



Continuing the Namiki tradition of its delicate and fine depiction of Japanese emblems and mythological creatures on its fountain pens, Namiki unveils two new additions to the Chinkin Collection - The Cat and The Royal Rooster.


Applying the Chinkin (Gold Inlay) technique with a special carving chisel, the surface of the pen is first coated with Rorio lacquer before inlaying the carved patterns with precious metal leaf and gold powder for a refined finish.


Namiki Chinkin Cat

Cats hold a special relationship with Japan and its people 



Namiki Chinkin Royal Rooster 

Roosters are believed to dispel evil spirits as they chase darkness away with the light of day 



The exquisite Namiki Chinkin Cat and the Namiki Chinkin Royal Rooster each retail at S$4,500 (before GST) will be available from March 2016 at Aesthetic Bay, Elephant & Coral Penco, Fook Hing Trading, Times Relay and Times Travel. 




Source: Pilot Pen & Namiki Singapore

Images credits Pilot Pen & Namiki Singapore


Photos: Pilot Pen & Namiki SingaporePosted by Admin in News on 09 Mar 2016


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