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Making new Japanese friends in Singapore

Thursday, 26 June 2014


Making new Japanese friends in Singapore will be much easier after you have watched this video produced by the Ninja Girls. The group comprises of 3 Japanese ladies who love to blog and make videos about what they have discovered in Singapore and some from regional countries... from Japanese perspective.


Video was published on Youtube on May 28, 2014.



Point number 1: Find a language exchange partner


Point number 2: Join a Japanese group or club in Singapore


Point number 3: Visit Japanese bookstore


Point number 4: Visit basement @ Liang Court


Video are produced by Ninja Girls and repost on HaiJapan.com on 26 June 2014. To know more about Ninja Girls, visit them at www.ninjagirls.sg and www.facebook.com/ninjagirls.


Coming soon: Get a chance to meet NINJA GIRLS in person at our HaiJapan party!



Photos: Ninja GirlsPosted by Admin in Videos on 26 Jun 2014


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