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Feast of the Ocean - Singapore Restaurant Week

Sunday, 13 March 2016


Salmon Confit, Image credit: Caffe B


The iconic food event, Singapore Restaurant Week has returned for their 12th edition. With this year’s theme of ‘Feast of the Ocean’, Caffé B will be offering two three-course set menus for lunch and dinner at $28 and $38 respectively, from 19th to 26th March 2016.


Three-course lunch

Appetizer: Sakura Ebi Mesculin Salad, tossed in Soya Vinaigrette topped with diced feta cheese, golden crispy sakura shrimp and cherry tomatoes. 
Main course: Salmon Confit, a confit of Salmon, tenderized and slow-cooked to perfection, served with garlic potato, griled zuchini and balsamic cream sauce; or Crayfish Tagliatelle, a pan-roasted crayfish served with traditionally Italian Tagliatelle Pasta in saffron-infused creamy tomato sauce. 
Dessert: Baked Banana Feuilles de Brick, a classic brick pastry filled with almond cream, banana, sugar and cinnamon, served with vanilla ice cream and croccante.


Crayfish Tagliatelle 



Three-course Dinner

Appetizer: Tuna and Guacamole Tartare, a fresh combination of flavours lightly layered with Lemon Koshio and Mango Jelly, served with Green Salad. 
Main course: Pan Fried Royal Sea Bream is an assortment of Mushrooms Ragout, Pickled Shallots, grilled Scallion and Roasted Pine Nuts; or Scallop Linguine, freshly cooked in creamy Zucchini Sauce and topped with Baked Fan-shaped Scallops. 
Dessert: Yuzcapone, a portmanteau of Yuzu and Mascarpone Mousse. Served with Vanilla Sable Sponge Shortcake and drizzled with Blood Orange Coulis, Wild Forest Berries and Almond Flakes.


 Pan Fried Royal Sea Bream 


Scallop Linguine 



The three-course Restaurant Week set lunch menu is available between 12 – 3pm while the three-course Restaurant Week set dinner menu is available between 6 – 10pm. More information can be found at www.caffeb.com.sg



Source: Caffe B


Photos: Caffe BPosted by Admin in Events on 13 Mar 2016


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