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What brings best sleep is only your pillow

Sunday, 27 March 2016


AiR mattresses and custom-made pillows 


The latest technology in Japan Technology, AiR is an innovative mattress that has an unique structure to enhance functions for quality sleep. From now till April 7, you get to test out AiR mattresses and pillow at Takashimaya Department store Basement 1.


What's so special? Tokyo Nishikawa’s AiR is a conditioning mattress that distributes your body pressures and it helps to retain the sleeping posture and give you high quality sleeping. The other highlight is AiR custom-made pillow where you get to choose the type of material, measuring of your pillow height and make adjustment according to your comfy.



How to make your own pillow: 
Step 1: Choose your Material from Angel-float Urethane foam, Puff, Elastic pipes or Mini-charcoal pipes. 
Step 2: Measure your pillow height 
Step 3: Adjustment



More information can be found at http://www.airsleep.jp



Article by HaiJapan.com


Photos: HaiJapan.comPosted by Admin in Shopping on 27 Mar 2016


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