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Square watermelon from the city of Zentsuji

Monday, 30 June 2014


Photo: Zentsuiji City Official Website, Kagawa Prefecture



The demand for square watermelon is growing across Japan and overseas. First produced about 40 years ago, farmers of Zentsuji region in the Kagawa Prefecture found a way to grow watermelon in glass mold. Each watermelon is about 18 centimetres-square and usually sold for more than ¥10,000 (SGD 123) at retail price.


The initial idea from Japan was to make watermelon fit easier into refrigerators, save storage and ease of transportation and shipment. This year alone, farmers of Zentsuji have been receiving more than 100 orders from Canada.


To know more about square watermelon, these videos can be found from Youtube:


 Square watermelons Japan. English version (Video: alexpitch)


Video: ANNnewsCH


Source: Article 'Shipment of square watermelon began' by Zentsuiji City Official Website.



Photos: Zentsuiji City Official WebsitePosted by Admin in Around Asia on 30 Jun 2014


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